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Why Desi Moo?
Why Desi Moo?
100% Natural & Organic

We offer 100% Organic and hygienic A2 Milk produced from pure Desi cow breed straight from our farms!

Healthier Lifestyle

Pamper yourself with chemical-free A2 Milk produced whole solely without any touch of fertilizers or pesticides.

Fresh from the farms

At GFO Farming, we believe in serving our worthy customers with fresh and nutritious dairy products.

Healthy Cattle

We not only pamper our customers but also our Cows! Our belief is to keep our farm and cows healthy by providing a hygienic environment and feeding them fresh fodder.

Boost your Health

We deliver 100% pure, healthy and nutrition-rich dairy products from cows raised with proper care and nourishment.

Straight from the farm at your doorstep!

We aim to deliver the best quality A2 milk!

Desi Moo is known to offer superior quality A2 Milk churned from indigenous Desi Cows at our own farm. We believe that healthy cows produce healthier milk. Thus, we feed our cows with fresh fodder and keep them in hygienic environment. A2 milk or dairy products obtained from us is pure, safe and the healthiest option for every age group.


Natural Solution

Yummy-licious Milk at your Doorsteps! Our main motive is to provide natural, healthy and organic A2 Milk for all age groups.

Nutrition Facts
Fat 49%
SNF 95%
Protein 35%
Hygiene 100%
  • Chemical Free and Organic
  • Additive-free Healthy A2 Milk
  • Safe and Environment Friendly Packaging
  • Regular health checkup of cattle


at only Rs.70/L

* Offer limited in our stocks

Environment Friendly Packaging!

Indulge in a healthier lifestyle and save environment hand-in-hand. Utilize Desi Cow A2 Milk and witness better health through better living.

Free Door step Delivery

Our main motive is to offer milk that’s hygienic. Our milk is completely un-touched by human hands. We distribute A2 milk in septic glass bottles manufactured at our farms providing utmost hygiene quality and saving the environment at the most feasible price.

Healthy Desi Cow Milk For Strong bones and sharp mind that every Indian deserves.